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Our Commitment

Vivien Yang Real Estate Marketing Team, hereinafter referred to as Vivien Yang, is committed to providing you with relevant, valid information related to British Columbia Real Estate and, as such, we are required, from time to time, to collect certain personal and non-personal information of users of this site. We respect our users’ privacy and therefore we adhere to a strict privacy policy, in accordance with the British Columbia Personal Information Protection Act, as set out below. This privacy policy applies only to this website and the services offered therein.

Information We Collect

In the course of providing our online services, we may collect certain personal and non-personal information as required. Personal information may include information that identifies the user individually, including name, telephone number and email address. Such information is provided at the user’s discretion and we will not use this information for purposes other than as specified to the website user at the time of collection.

Registering for Services

This website offers the option to register in order to conduct searches and receive alerts. To register, we request certain personal information, including name and contact information, which enables us to provide these services. This information will not be disseminated to third parties, except where so indicated, and will only be used for the provision of online services and for communicating directly with you should the need arise.

The Ten Principles
Vivien Yang adheres to the ten privacy principles as established by the Canadian Standards Association Model Code.

1: Accountability
Vivien Yang is responsible for all personal information collected and controlled through this website.

2: Identifying purposes
Vivien Yang will identify and inform users of the purposes for which information is being collected at the time of collection.

3: Consent
Before collecting, using or disclosing any personal information, Vivien Yang  will obtain users’ consent, unless otherwise required by law.

4: Limiting collection
Vivien Yang will only collect such personal information as is required to offer the services on this website and all information will be collected  fairly and in compliance with relevant legislation.

5: Limiting use, disclosure, and retention
Unless you have expressly given consent otherwise, any personal information collected will be used only for the purposes it was collected and will only be retained for as long as it is required to fulfill such purpose.

In certain circumstances, Vivien Yang may be legally required to share or disclose personal information and usage statistics without users’ knowledge or consent.

6: Accuracy
Any information retained will be considered accurate, complete and current as it relates to the purpose for which it is collected. If it is inaccurate or incomplete, you may request for this information to be updated.

7: Safeguards
Vivien Yang safeguards your personal information appropriately to the sensitivity of the information.

8: Openness
Information about Vivien Yang’s policies and procedures regarding the use of personal information is available to clients, employees and other parties on request.

9: Access
You may receive access to your personal information, as well as information concerning its existence, use and disclosure, on written request. You are entitled to amend such information should it be inaccurate or incomplete.

10: Queries, complaints and suggestions
If you have any queries, complaints or suggestions related to this privacy policy, you may contact us in this regard.

Using Personal Information

Vivien Yang will only use personal information collected for the express purpose of providing our online services. From time to time, such information may be required to be shared with third party providers, with users’ consent.

User consent may be expressed or implied:
Express consent is given in writing, in person, through electronic communications, or through the selection of a check box.

Implied consent is considered given when the applicable circumstances would lead a reasonable person to understand that consent is given, even if no express consent is given.

Users may withdraw consent:
Unless otherwise required or permitted by law, we will only collect, retain or disclose your personal information with your knowledge and consent.

Disclosing Personal Information

Vivien Yang may, from time to time, be required to disclose your personal information with third parties. Such disclosure will only be made under the following circumstances:

1 – When authorized and consented to by you – to perform certain of our services, we may request your permission to share certain information with third parties. You are entitled to withdraw such consent at any time. Without such consent, we may not be able to provide our full range of services.

2 – When legally required to – when required to disclose your personal information by law, for example when issued a court order to do so, we will only provide such specified information as has been requested.

3 – When permitted by law – under certain circumstances, Vivien Yang may be required to share your personal information with third parties and may do so without your consent. Such circumstances may include debt collection or suspicion of illegal activities.

Cookies and Tracking Information

Among the non-personal information that Vivien Yang may collect are cookies and other trackers that are automatically collected by this page to track user usage statistics and other non-personal information. We use this information purely for statistical and analytic purposes, to improve and enhance our online service offering. Other 3rd party social media solutions may also track performance. This information does not reveal any personal information about you and may as such, be shared with third parties. While cookies and other tracking information is shared automatically, you may change the settings on your web browser to prevent automatic sharing of cookies.