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Silver Valley is a suburb community located along the Alouette River in the northwest area of Maple Ridge, off 232nd Street. The Alouette River is a tributary of the Pitt River in British Columbia that flows into Alouette Lake. It is on the north of this river, that this beautiful and growing community can be found. Surrounded by lush greenery, Silver Valley is just minutes from downtown Maple Ridge. Still largely undeveloped, Silver Valley has undergone initiatives designed to create a complete community, with a focus on education, sustainability, recreation, transportation and housing.

The community originally was a rural residential and large lot suburban community of about 600 residents. By 2011, it was home to 4,670 residents. The most recent data, estimates that that number is now 11,000 and the number is increasing rapidly (2106 census). Maple Ridge’s overall population has increased significantly since 2006 and this is seen in all Maple Ridge communities, including Silver Valley. With new developments springing up all over the area, and its close proximity to Maple Ridge amenities, Silver Valley attracts families, investors and young professionals.

Silver Valley households are typically occupied by more people than the rest of Maple Ridge. The persons per household size is 2.68 in Maple Ridge, and 3.28 in Silver Valley. Approximately 60% of the population live in 4 or more person households as opposed to 48% in the rest of Maple Ridge (2011 census). The neighbourhood’s age demographics are predominantly family households, children under the age of 12, with the bulk of the population in the 35 to 54 age range. Almost 40% of the population is within the 35 to 54 age range and 12% under 12 years (2011 census). The demographic makeup of Silver Valley attracts more families and supported housing forms.

The weather in Silver Valley is much like the rest of Maple Ridge. It has one of the mildest climates, and enjoys the longest frost free period and growing season in Canada. Spring and fall are often warm, especially in June and September. Summer temperatures peak at 28°C, with mild winters and lows of 2°C, with little to no snow fall.

Employment Opportunities

Silver Valley is in a convenient location for work. Residents commuting to nearby cities can reach their destination in less than an hour, with places like Coquitlam and Langley a mere 15 minutes away. For this reason, many professionals working in nearby cities have settled in Silver Valley to enjoy the lush peace of the wide open spaces, with minimal concern about commute times. For those working in the city, the top industries are sales and services, business and finance, agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing.

Silver Valley has an average annual income that is higher than most of British Columbia, complimented by a low unemployment rate of just 4.7%. This makes the area attractive to investors, entrepreneurs and those considering relocating to the area. In the community, companies like Silver Valley Farms, a grower owned blueberry cooperative, highly regarded as a leader in horticultural expertise and research, manages close to 1,200 acres of blueberries and employs many Silver Valley residents. The Farms is a family owned and operated business supplying high quality berries and berry products all year round.

Having a typically higher income than the rest of Maple Ridge, an approximate 75% of Silver Valley professional residents earn $80,000 and above per annum (2011 census) This could be partly explained by the demographic makeup of the area, the amount of residents in their prime professional years and more double income households.


Silver Valley residents are only a few minutes away from shopping malls or shops. The neighbourhood is just 9 minutes by car to the Haney Place Mall, where the trendiest retailers for clothing and apparel, home décor and appliances, health and beauty items and more can be found. More than 600 shops, stores and boutiques are in the Downtown Maple Ridge area, which makes it easy to find gifts, necessities, supplies, antiques and more. Huddled between Golden Ears Mountains and the Fraser River is the Valley Fair Mall. They offer a host of stores, services, restaurants and cafes to quench your shopping thirst. Stores like Epic Menswear for formal wear, Urban Attitude, and specialty shops like Expressions Art Gallery are very accessible.

Those in the mood for delicious dining options can find many in the downtown area. From delicious and fresh Asian dishes, to tempting Italian foods, an evening out is always on the menu. Residents love restaurants like Sagre’s Restaurant, that offers delicious European dishes, including seasoned pork and clams entrées, fresh green salads and massive hamburgers. The Chameleon Café is another favourite, and gives visitors the chance to try scrumptious seafood, grilled delights inspired by France and Italy, and the finest drinks. The Valley Fair Mall also serves up delicious treats with spots like Red Robin, a fun family Restaurant offering gourmet burgers.


The neighbourhood is mainly car-dependent, with most of Maple Ridge’s amenities close by. Public transport is readily available to residents, with buses operated by TransLink, running throughout the Maple Ridge area. This makes it easy to get public transportation to downtown, or the surrounding areas. Since 2017, Translink has launched two new bus lines to the northern suburb of Silver Valley. These two buses to the area will run on 45-minute intervals. The 733 Rock Ridge-Haney Place bus, will run up and down 232nd Street and up to 133rd Avenue. The bus will connect with Haney Place Mall then loop down to Port Haney Station so people can jump on the West Coast Express. The new service will allow residents of the neighbourhood to be within a five-minute walk of a bus stop. Residents can take 232nd Street to reach just about any destination in the city, and the Pitt Meadows Regional Airport is nearby for those who have air travel needs.


A priority is placed on education within the city. The School District Number 42 governs the Maple Ridge area, with 18 different elementary schools and 5 secondary schools. The secondary schools have specialized learning tracks, such as a focus on technology in addition to the traditional programs, and allowing children to learn at their own pace with customized lessons. Alouette Elementary School serves the children who live in the Silver Valley area. Also available to Silver Valley residents are the BCIT, Douglas College and Sprott Shaw College, located in a less than an hour radius.

Arts and Entertainment

Various options are available in nearby Maple Ridge for people feeling artistic. The ACT Arts Center is an excellent resource and offers live shows and classes for those wanting to learn a variety of arts, including drawing, painting and pottery. The Maple Ridge Art Gallery hosts exhibitions that feature local and emerging artists as well as occasional exhibitions featuring national and international artists. A variety of community events are also held here. Other galleries in the area are accessible to residents and visitors alike. LeSoleil Fine Art Gallery with their collection of fine original paintings and sculptures from established Canadian and international contemporary artists and The Art Emporium offering a large collection of paintings by Canadian, French and American artists of the 20th Century is a must see for serious art lovers and investors.

If a museum is more your style, take a trip back in time at the Hanley House Museum in Maple Ridge for very informative and exciting tours on the history of the space and its architecture. The BC Farm Museum in delightful Fort Langley, BC is another wonderful choice. This historical resource is where the past welcomes the present, through the rich and lively stories of the pioneer settlers. For live performance arts, have a laugh served with dinner at The Giggle Dam off Shaughnessy Street and enjoy their lively sketches and musical parodies.


The community is a gateway to popular recreation areas for everyone, with stunning views and access to fantastic trail networks. A large network of trails just off of Silver Valley Road, gives residents the chance to hike, cycle and explore the beauty of nature. The Malcolm Knapp Research Forest is located in the neighbourhood as well, acting as a central hub to four of the nearby trails. Along the Alouette River is the Dykes Trail, a 14.2 kilometer lightly trafficked loop trail located near Pitt Meadows. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible all year round.

Outside Silver Valley, are water sports and fishing options at the nearby Kanaka and Fraser Rivers. Residents also have access to parks like Victory Park. The park is a popular location for recreation and boasts several areas for basketball, volleyball, golf, football, fitness sessions and a recreation pavilion. Thrill seekers can skydive at the nearby Pitt Meadows Regional Airport. Golden Provincial Park is also just minutes away, offering a huge amount of recreational activities, from camping and canoeing to horseback riding and more.

Silver Valley is a developing residential area popular with equestrians, so it is very common to see people riding horses in the area. Though developing, residents can still enjoy sporting activities in the city nearby and in the surrounding areas. The Wayland Sports Maple Ridge Campus is one such place. It is a 6000 square foot fully equipped artistic and trampoline gymnastics gym that offers swimming, aquatics,and gymnastics programs. Located on Stewart Crescent, Maple Ridge, the campus also has a fun filled foam pit and traditional olympic men’s and women’s gymnastics equipment. There’s also the Albion Football club, in nearby Albion, that offers great football programs for the whole family at low cost .

Investing in Silver Valley Estate

With new developments popping up all over Silver Valley, interest in the area has increased in recent years. With plans to create a complete community, there are opportunities for high quality residential development, that protects the natural beauty of the area, and offers a plethora of outdoor recreational activities. This should be of particular interest to investors. Single family homes are currently available, but the majority of the area offers land for new construction. Townhouses and apartments are also great options, as the area is prime to attract young professionals and couples. Families love being so close to nature and enjoy large yards and open spaces, as well as the conveniences throughout the rest of Maple Ridge, making the neighbourhood an attractive investment choice. There has never been a better time to invest in Silver Valley Real Estate.