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9 Must-Use Ways to Stage Your Home For a Quick Sale

9 Must-Use Ways to Stage Your Home For a Quick Sale

Deciding to list your home is big decision.

Most sellers decide to list their home with the intent on selling it quickly.

So you can imagine it being a burden for sellers who aren’t able to sell their home as quickly as they would like.

Often times, it does not come down to just the brass tax – the listing price – to sell a home. It’s simply a matter of helping a potential buyer to truly envision themselves in the home.

Homes that sell quickly have one commonality between them – they’ve been staged to sell!

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Staging a home is crucial in creating a warm, inviting environment where a potential buyer can envision themselves in the home and ultimately make an immediate offer. Where the change lies is not overdoing it when it comes to adding additional touches to the home.

A home that is well staged breathes life into each and every room, giving it a purpose and a story.

Here are some helpful tips for sellers who wish to stage their home just as the professionals would in order to sell their home fast, and more importantly, to fetch the asking price they’re asking.

Create a lasting first impression with added curb appeal

The outside of the home is the first thing buyers will see.

Adding curb appeal to the home’s exterior will help to create a lasting first impression to anyone interested in buying your home, not only, you might even attract foot traffic who otherwise might not have been interested in purchasing.

Simple chores such as mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, and tending to flower beds upon listing the home will not only increase your odds of attracting buyers to book in for a showing but it will also show a potential buyer that if you’ve taken pride in upkeeping the exterior of the home, the interior will be just as inviting.

Bonus tip: If you’re planning on listing your home in the summer, be sure to plant flowers in the Spring to add extra colour to the exterior when your home is ready to hit the market.

Do a deep clean

If you haven’t deep cleaned your house before, now’s the time – a clean home is a sold home!

Take the extra time to clean baseboards, ceiling fans, windows and light fixtures. Potential buyers aren’t interested in purchasing a home that hasn’t been cleaned in ages.

Bonus tip: Avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning. Use simple mixtures such as water and tea tree essential oil to give the home a clean, fresh scent.

Keep foyers clear of shoes and any added clutter

9 home staging tips by vivien yang

Next to the exterior of the home, the home’s foyer will be the first space buyers will be introduced to inside the home.

By keeping the main foyer clutter-free and simple in its layout it will give buyers a warm invitation to the home.

Think about adding mirrors to the space to give the illusion of a larger space as well as introducing warm or natural lighting to the foyer.

Bonus tip: You can purchase inexpensive shoe organizers and extra coat hangers to keep the foyer space organized and free from added clutter.

Set the table to create an “open invitation”

Often when buyers are looking for their next home, they want to know that they can entertain. After all, who doesn’t love a good dinner party?

Create an open invitation for buyers to host their own dinner parties by setting up the dining area with your best dining sets. Purchasing new dining sets can be inexpensive and a great touch to any dining room.

Bonus tip: Spruce up your dining table with decorative table settings and fresh flowers for added colour.

Updating a kitchen doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg

An updated kitchen is one of the top selling points for home buyers. Having an updated kitchen is a must if you’re wanting to sell your home fast (and for the asking price, if not more!). With that said, many sellers shy away from updating their kitchen to the expensive price. Updating a kitchen doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg – sellers can update cupboards by simply painting them to match appliances.

Don’t have the extra money to buy a new dishwasher? Give your dishwasher an inexpensive facelift by replacing the front panel with a decorative laminate panel!

Bonus tip: Investing in newly updated appliances will fetch you a better asking price!

Create conversation spaces in the most common of places

Next to the kitchen, the living area is where most homeowners will spend their time. By creating a warm, comfortable conversation space in the living room you’ll help potential buyers envision themselves in the space.

Arranging existing furniture to create a space where conversation is invited is an easy way to create an inviting space.

Bonus tip: Open up the space of any living room by inviting natural light into the room.

Neutral is the new black

Painting common areas such as living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways with neutral colours will help play to the natural lighting of each room.

Big, vibrant colours, while fun, can be distracting to the rooms themselves. Rather, use decorative items such as throw pillows, blankets, wall decor to add an additional splash of colour to the room.

Bonus tip: Did we mention how great mirrors are?? Add mirrors to any room to give a larger than life effect without the need of knocking down walls.

Keep the bedrooms simple

Less is more when it comes to showing the bedrooms.

Keep it simple by creating a minimalistic bedroom.

Neutral colours will help to play to the lighting of each bedroom.

Despite the neutral colours of the walls, don’t be afraid to add conservative splashes of colour with high-quality linens.

Remember, make sure the room has a purpose. Having a night table or desk in the room is great but it should show a potential buyer that there is use for it.

Bonus tip: Home buyers want to know how much closet space they can expect in each room. Purchase inexpensive closet organizers to make use of the space no matter how big or small

Simple updates to bathrooms can go a long way

Your bathroom might not need much updating. The most important thing is to ensure the bathroom is clean and well lit.

Make simple updates such as adding decorative touches to counters, swapping out old shower curtains, and updating light fixtures at a relatively low cost.

Bonus tip: Use a simple mix of water and water to clean grout from bathroom tiles, sinks, and faucets.

Don’t forget…

Even though you may be leaving the home, it’s crucial to any quick sale that sellers take the extra time to add a few, inexpensive value adds to home. Finding the perfect balance between decorative pieces, colours, textures, and lighting will play to them emotions of a potential buyer.

To successfully do this, be sure to…

  • maintain the exterior of the home to add curb appeal
  • thoroughly cleaning the home’s interior and exterior
  • keep hallways and foyers clear and clutter-free
  • add simple human touches to the dining areas
  • create great conversation spaces
  • use neutral colours throughout the home with added touches of coloured accents
  • decorate bedrooms with simple and clean decor
  • add a few, simple updates to bathrooms (and keep it extra clean!)

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Vivien Yang

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